Event Rules

Please note that due to legislation passed by Australian government in 2007, Oktoberfest will be a regulated smoking event. Persons wishing to smoke may do so only in designated smoking areas available for patrons who wish to smoke.

There is ABSOLUTELY no food or drink to be consumed in the designated smoking areas. Please assist us by observing the requirements of these rules.

Proof of age is required to be issued a wristband so that you can buy and consume drinks at the event. If you are unable to show proof of age, a wristband can not be issued and you will be required to leave the premises at 6:00PM. This is a required condition of the licensing of this event.

Make sure you bring your proof of age ID. (Photo ID)

It is a condition of our license that NO alcoholic drinks are to be brought into the venue. If anyone is found to be in possession of drinks that were not purchased at the event, the drinks will be forfeited and the guest may refused entry or be asked to leave. Under-age guests are not permitted to consume alcohol at this event. Patrons may be asked for identification at the bar when purchasing drinks. If security officers are uncertain that a drinker is over 18, they may also be asked for identification.

If you buy and supply alcohol to an underage person under you will be asked to leave and risk a substantial fine.

Drinks purchased at the event may NOT be taken from the site. This is a condition of our license. Please make sure you consume your drink before you decide to leave.

Any guest who is not behaving in an acceptable manner may be asked to leave the site by security. In such cases your wristband will be removed and you may be refused reentry if you appear to be unduly intoxicated.

Entry to Oktoberfest will require all guests to wear a wristband for the entire duration of the event. This wristband is strictly non-transferable. Please ensure your wristband is not damaged or removed or have the appearance of tampering, as security will ask anyone without an intact wristband to leave the venue. If you wish to re-enter the event you will be required to pay again.

Please note that even though there is a designated wristband for all persons over the age of 18, this in no way implies explicitly that this condition is met. Proof of age should be carried at all times during the event if you intend to consume alcohol. If you are unable to show proof of age if asked you will be refused service.

All persons under 18 must be signed in by a responsible adult who is a parent or legal guardian. Any person signing in someone under 18 is responsible for that person until they leave before 6:00PM. Any under 18 person who is not in the care of the person who signed them in may be asked to leave by security. If any under 18 person leaves the premises they must be signed in again to re-enter. All under 18 persons are to vacate the premises before 6:00PM as per our licensing requirements.